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Feel the difference in Club Car performance. Unique style, comfort grip, and enough leg room to enjoy your ride and driving experience.


As one of the only personal transportation vehicles constructed from an aluminum frame, the Onward is uniquely resistant to the elements.


On select Golf Cart models, an exclusive stability bar under the axle minimizes lateral wheelbase movement for greater confidence during turns.

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My Cart has been a very reliable cart for a long time. I bought it originally to use at the camp ground and it's been a life saver many times. Just going for a ride or running back to the camp site for some tools to help other campers. And now it is used at home too to run to town or just to go the the neighbors for a visit.

Abbie Carter
Abbie Carter


Bought it used. It’s now 27 years old and still running strong. I put new tires and shocks on it and made a big difference. Had a small issue with engine, rear main was leaking, replaced it a has been fine.

Dominic Pelletier
Dominic Pelletier

Hotel Manager

Love this cart. Having an electric golf cart is the best. No awful exhaust fumes. Fast & Easy start/stop. Minor repairs of lights. Batteries lasted 10 years. We have a cover for inclement weather. Club car accessories are useful and awesome.

Lola Bailey
Lola Bailey