6 seater utility golf cart Z4C white

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6-seater electric golf cart

 A golf cart is a means of transportation, largely manned use, generally used in golf courses, then specific golf cart what use?

The function of an electric golf cart is largely to drive golfers on the golf course, which is perfect for golfers to hit the golf ball immediately and save physical strength. Further to the golf courses, garden hotels, villa areas, resorts, tourist attractions, and other areas use golf carts as a means of transportation.

Looking at the advantages of 6 seaters electric golf cart

Electric golf carts are propelled with big rechargeable battery cells, versus gasoline. Actually, most golf carts sold today are electric run.

Some of the advantages of electric golf carts include:

They produce no emissions

Electric carts are emissions-free vehicles, matched to the carbon-monoxide emissions produced by gas-run carts.

They are quiet

Just like battery-run automobiles, an electric golf cart is extremely quite matched with a gas-run cart.

They are pretty less costly

In general, an electric golf cart will cost you less cash, matched to a gas-run cart. The cost of the batteries continues to fall, which translates to the sticker price. Also, recharging the golf cart costs less than the gas prices.

They are more versatile

If you need your golf cart for inside use, such as warehouse, only an electric cart will be permitted.

They have simple upkeep

Electric carts have far fewer moving parts to maintain matched to gas-run golf carts.

6 seater golf cart parts and functions

Just like any other golf cart, 6 seater golf cart have a few different parts that work combine to make them run. These contain:


The motor is liable for powering the six-seater electric golf cart. It is generally placed beneath the seat and is run by batteries.


Batteries give power to the 6 seater golf cart. They are generally placed beneath the seat and need to be regularly charged.


The controller regulates the flow of power from the batteries to the motor. It is placed beneath the seat and is generally run by a lever or switch on the dashboard.


Tires give traction and support to the 6-seater electric golf cart. They are generally made of air-filled rubber.


The taillight is liable for providing light at the rear of the golf cart. It is vital for safety objectives as it permits drivers behind you to see your 6-seater electric golf cart in low-light situations or at night.


The headlight is liable for lighting the way in front of the 6-seater electric golf cart. It is generally placed on the front of the club vehicle and is run by a switch on the dashboard.


The brakes are used to stop the 6-seater electric golf cart. They are placed on wheels and are run by a pedal on the floor.


The horn is used to signal other drives of your six-seater electric golf cart presence. It is generally placed on the steering wheel and is run by a button.

4 + 2 Seats Utility Golf Cart
Model Z4C
System 48V 5KW AC system
Key Components
Battery Zhongyi Huge capacity deep cycle lead-acid battery  6*8V 140AH
Motor Zhongyi Brand 5KW AC motor
Controller AC Controller (48V 400A)
Charger On board Input 220V/110V、output 48V、25A
Passenger capacity 6
Range (loaded) based on flat road at a speed of 20km/h 70-90km
Max. speed 35kmh
Minimum turning radius 4m
Max. climbing ability 20%
Break Distance <5M
Cart’s weight(with batteries) 670 kgs
Overall dimensions:LWH (mm) 3720×1210×1945mm
front /rear wheel distance  (mm) front 880mm/ rear 998mm
Wheelbase(mm) 2530mm
Detailed Configurations(‘S’ for Standard; ‘O’ for Option)
Body and Frame
Chassis Welded high yield strength tubular steel with pickling and phosphating electrophoresis process S
Body &Roof Injection molding modeling design separable replacement S
Support frame the front  steel ,the rear  aluminum S
Seats Luxurious seats made of  sponge&artificial Leather S
Front seat Front row sliding seats.   Comfort design for different body size. S
Foldable rear seat with cup holders and storage box underneath the seat S
Dashboard Water transfer printing , carbon fiber style,plastic molding instrument board electric key switch,lockable storage box, cup holder,professional combination meter with turn signal indicator, speed indicator and mileage,forward and Revise indicator. 2xUSB charger port. S
Front guard bar O
Safety Belts Two-point belt S
Reviewer mirros with light direction S
Windshield Folded Windshield(organic glass) O
Ice box(with box holder) O
Body cover O
Rain cover O
Sunshine Curtain 6 pcs in a whole cart O
Electric System
Lighting system All LED lights:  Front High/Low beam with lens; Front and Rear Flowing water turn signal light; Daytime running light S
Round LCD digital instrument CAN communication to the controller,
High accuracy speed meter KPH/MPH, ODO,SOC.
Multi-page display with controller diagnostic information.
9 inch screen With blooth radio entertainment system and reversing camera O
Solar Panel One piece 200W Solar Panel(1.22m x0.92m) O
Steering and Suspension System
Steering system Dual automotive-style strut and self-adjust rack-and pinion
Brake system Dual rear wheel mechanical drum brakes ,self-adjusting with non-asbestos linings S
Four Wheels Hydraulic Disc Break,front disc brake and rear disc break+electrical magnetic brake O
Accelerator and break pedal all aluminum new design S
Suspension system Front mcpherson independent suspension, Spiral spring + cylinder hydraulic shock absorption ; Integral rear axle, leaf spring + cylinder hydraulic shock absorption S
wheel & Tyre Aluminum hub 205/50-10 S


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