8 seater utility golf cart Z6C white

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8 seater golf carts are for any person and every person looking for spacious seating, strong engines, and many additional specs. All of these perks made the on and off-road experience extremely versatile and comfortable. As the name indicates, 8-passenger golf carts seat at least 8 people and most of them are fit to be made street-legal.

Golf carts are best for the golfing experience. Anyway, 8-passenger golf carts are mainly engineered for many purposes such as moving through college campuses, farms, retirement communities, country clubs, campgrounds, warehouses, and more.

The features

8 passenger golf carts are accessible in both electric and gas models. The speed of the golf cart varies from model to model as well. Some of the general features are rust-proof frames, tail lights, impact-resistant bodies, halogen headlights, heavy-duty bumpers, and differential guards. With all these options, it is simple to find a model that matches your needs.


The sheer versatility of these golf carts is what makes them so famous. 8 passenger golf carts are a planned investment. They permit owners to transport big groups, rather than take multiple vehicles that can just a few people at a time. This is a big asset! You would not be stuck cleaning, maintaining, and repairing multiple golf carts. Instead, just take care of one. This can keep your money on upkeep. It is also better for the atmosphere.

The many use

Airports, universities, resorts, theme parks, retirement communities, golf courses, shopping centers, hotels, and other businesses can take benefit of 8-passenger golf carts. These efficient and classy vehicles make transportation a breeze. Further, if you buy a street-legal mode, you can take your golf cart.

What is the best Golf cart to buy?

This is a hard question to answer because of how subjective it is. The beauty of it all is that each make has special features that make it stand out above the others. There is no doubt compromises will come, anyway, we encourage our customers to consider all accessible options when shopping for the best fit including both electric and gas options. Seriously, you never know what shock you!

Should I buy a used or new golf cart?

It is fully up to you! When buying a new golf cart, you can rest quietly knowing you have a factory warranty. Buying a used golf cart will keep money, but the probability of having an active warranty with it is slim. This comparison is just one of many to consider when evaluating options between used and new golf carts to buy.

What will help make the process simple to emphasize the most valuable specs to you? There are risks involved in buying a used golf cart, but if you are considering going that route, be sure to ask questions about service history, battery health, and anything important to its long-term reliability. The best thing about buying from a dealer is that generally they are knowledgeable about each used vehicle, and they will likely be capable to answer your questions with accuracy.

8-seater electric golf cart
8 Seats Utility Golf Cart
Model Z6C
System 48V 5KW AC system
Key Components
Battery Torch brand lead acid battery watered 140 AH 8v 6pcs
Motor Zhongyi Brand 5 KW AC motor
Controller AC 48V 400A
Charger On board Input 220V/110V、output 48V、25A
Passenger capacity 8
Range (loaded) based on a flat road at a speed of 20km/h 70-90km
Max. speed 35km
Minimum turning radius 6m
Max. climbing ability 20%
Break Distance <6M
Cart’s weight(with batteries) 655 kgs
Overall dimensions: LWH 4470*1210*1980mm
front /rear wheel distance front 880mm/ rear 998mm
Wheelbase 3350mm
Detailed Configurations(‘S’ for Standard; ‘O’ for Option)
Body and Frame
Chassis Pickling phosphating electrophoresis anti-rust steel chassis S
Body &Roof Injection molding modeling design separable replacement S
Support frame the front  steel, the rear  aluminum S
Seats Luxurious seats made of  sponge&artificial Leather S
Dashboard Water transfer printing, carbon fiber style, plastic molding instrument board electric key switch, lockable storage box, cup holder, professional combination meter with turn signal indicator, speed indicator, mileage, forward and Revise indicator. 2xUSB charger port. S
Front steel brush guard O
Safety Belts Two-point belt S
Windshield Folded Windshield(organic glass) O
9-inch screen With Bluetooth radio entertainment system and reversing camera O
Icebox(with box holder) O
Body cover O
Rain cover O
Sunshine Curtain 4 pcs in a whole cart O
Electric System
Lighting system All LED lights:  Front High/Low beam with lens; Front and Rear Flowing water turn signal light; Daytime running light S
Solar Panel One piece 200W Solar Panel(1.22m x0.92m) O
Steering and Suspension System
Steering system Dual automotive-style strut and self-adjust rack-and pinion
Brake system Dual rear wheel mechanical drum brakes,self-adjusting with non-asbestos linings S
Four Wheels Hydraulic Disc Break, front disc brake, and rear disc break+electrical magnetic brake O
Accelerator and brake pedal all aluminum new design S
Suspension system Front McPherson independent suspension, Spiral spring + cylinder hydraulic shock absorption; Integral rear axle, leaf spring + cylinder hydraulic shock absorption S
wheel & Tyre Aluminum hub 205/50-10 S
Aluminum wheel 215/35-12 O

10 reviews for 8 seater utility golf cart Z6C white

  1. Patterson

    the best for my hotel utilization

  2. jerry

    Quality Golf Cart
    My wife just recieved her new quality cart. Great driving and handling, adjustable seats are easy, and braking was very good.

  3. nicholas

    Hotel utilize

  4. Juliette

    soft seats and comfortable for my family. delivered on within time

  5. mimie

    i will recommend you. keep the great job

  6. mukwelle peter

    great choice for my hotel. will buy another soon

  7. Kingsley moore

    soft seats and comfortable for my family. delivered on time

  8. Angelina

    The only thing i can say is that, you delivered on time and am happy about it

  9. Kelvin

    Great cart. everything soft

  10. hakeem

    The brakes are great and stability is top-notch,

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