Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge S

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58 Degrees
Golf Club Flex Wedge
Hand Orientation Right
Golf Club Loft 58 Degrees
Brand Cleveland Golf
Shaft Material Steel

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Golf Wedges for sale is a club designed for little shots, like chipping, pitching, and getting out of bunkers. Wedge sets can add a gap wedge, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge. Each has various degrees of loft depending on its objective, so you will want a few different wedges types in your bag to really evaluate your game. Every golf club is measured by the degree of the club face but wedges spec the most extreme angles of any club in your bag. The higher the shot and the higher the angle, in turn, will result in a little average distance.

Which wedge should you use?

It truly depends on how far you are from the green and the shot type you want to create as the ball lands on the green. 

For example, if you are sixty yards away from the hole and you are hitting against the slope, then a lower loft pitching wedge may be more perfect than a Sand wedge. Though a Pitching Wedge can hit far beyond sixty yards, in this condition, a half swing or even a bump-and-run pitching wedge may be perfect. golf wedges for sale

With so many conditions that may arise at the golf course, having at least three wedges in your bag is necessary. Actually, if you can fit four wedges, go for it. You want to make your little game as flexible and dynamic as possible, with no yardage gaps.

That said, if you are a starter, maybe just a Sand Wedge and Pitching Wedge will do as having so many wedges in the bag is not practical if you don’t practice with all four of these wedges regularly. 

Golf wedge bounce types

Low bounce wedges

Low bounce wedges are generally between 4-6, perfect for firm turf situations and bunkers with coarse or hard sand. Low-bounce wedges are designed for clean ball contact, providing you with the precision you need in your little game.

For example, low-bounce lob wedges can be used to hit high-flop shots off tight lies close to the green. Low-bounce wedges are also helpful to players with a sweeper swing style, with minimal divots and shallower attack angles. golf wedges for sale

High bounce wedge

High-bounce wedges are those with more than ten bounces, designed for fluffy lies, softer turf, and bunkers with soft sand.

Higher wedges and bounce are perfect for stopping the leading edge of the club from dragging too much in the sand, and top bounce lob wedges are beneficial to those who take deep divots with a steep attack angle and digger swing style.

Mid bounce wedges

Mid-bounce wedges range between 7-10, and most are played on a firm to general turf. Players tend to pick mid-bounce wedges to make shots around the green, as they help get the right distance and trajectory control.

The wedge bounce type is the most adaptable for more players and can apply to a big range of course situations.

While mid-bounce wedges are matched for almost all swing types, they most favor a neutral swing style with the best angle attack.


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